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Famous People


Eddy Gordo

Eddy was raised in a very wealthy household in Brazil. He was expected to take over his fathers enterprises so he was sent to Imperial University where he was an excellent student, his hard work and kind personality were praised by all.

One day when he was 19 and returning from school he came upon his father, bloody and bruised. It was then that he found out that the drug syndicates that were destroying Brazil were trying to take his fathers life. His father warned him that now was not the time to strike, he should take the blame for his death and use the prisons to hide himself.

In a moment his life was transformed from that of a brilliant student to a criminal. Prison was hell, he wept over his powerlessness daily and hated the organization that had killed his father.

One day during a riot he saw an old man display surprising power - When he asked what it was he was told "Capoeira". Determined to make it his own he started studying under the old mans guidance.

After 8 years of prison, now 27 years old Eddy has been transformed into a deadly weapon and plans to use his Capoeira to go after the syndicate.

Hearing about the Tournament he realizes he can use the power of Mishima Zaibatsu to increase his own.



Mark Dacascos

Mark Dacascos is the son of Mariko McVey and Al Dacascos, founder of Wun Hop Kuen Do. He has been trained from birth by his parents in Wun Hop Kuen Do, later in Black Tiger Northern Shaolin while in Taiwan and Brazilian Capoeira. He has always wanted to become an actor and has had fine success in this endeavor. These are some of the films he has been in: